Online Customized Personal Training Program Results from only 2 months out of the 3 month program.


If you are looking for a personal trainer who's passionate about their job, knows her stuff and places your goals as a top priority, then look no further.  MarC is that trainer. Why would I say that?  Well, I love that she takes a hands on approach perfecting your form and technique during the exercises to maximize your results and reduce your risk for injuries. I love how she adapts all exercises to every fitness level so that each person feels comfortable and not intimidated. She also teaches you how to properly breathe throughout each exercise which I had no clue about. I love that MarC challenges you from the start and keeps everything new and fresh with different workouts each session. So, If you worry that the workouts will be the same boring routines session after session, Don't!   Overall she is a top notch trainer and motivator who loves and takes her job seriously. If you are serious about improving your health a increasing your physical activity, then you have found the perfect trainer in MarC.



MarC is great at making sure exericses are perofrmed with correct technique, and she is VERY passionate about what she does. 



Prior to training with MarC I had no motivation to workout. What I love most about training with MarC is she has workout for all fitness levels. She made me feel very comfortable in my workouts and she will challenge you to push yourself. MarC is not like a lot of trainers she genuinely cares and wants to help you achieve your overall fitness goals. If you have bad eating habits by the time you're done with MarC she will have made you look at everything you decide to eat in a totally different way. If not you will at least made you very aware of what you are eating rather good or bad. Training with MarC has been a great experience for me. I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness.



MarC has given me a new state of mind.  I have seen and felt the difference and have more tools because of her guidance, patience and expertise.  The changes are internal and external and I am excited and grateful.

Susie O.



I absolutely LOVE training with MarC! She is a trainer that truly listens and knows her “stuff”. I contacted her with the idea that I wanted/needed to change my diet, tone my body, and just get in the habit of working out. I basically wanted to just live a healthier lifestyle. I feel like MarC has helped me to do just that and then some! Not only does she give me challenging workouts that are different every session, but she has also given me tremendous support with learning to eat clean. Not to mention, training with MarC is FUN! She pushes me every session without being overbearing, encourages me along the way, and motivates me to work hard (even when she’s not watching). Needless to say, I recommend her with no reservations; I even got one of my friends to start training with her. In case you can’t tell, I think MarC is awesome!

See my results below.

K. Walker



“Working out with MarC has been a great experience. In the past two months, I have gotten stronger and built up my endurance. More importantly I have also become disciplined in terms of consistently working out. MarC truly customizes her workouts based on the need of the client and your personal goals. When she noticed that my ability to perform planks was low, she made sure that we incorporated planks/push ups into every workout, :) I love that she is not one of those trainers that yells, but she is still able to motivate you to push yourself. I would definitely recommend MarC to my friends and family.

-Courtnee S


"MarC is truly an excellent trainer. She is a perfect combination of tough, persistence and warmth. I like her ability to challenge me in every session. She is able to create diverse training methods, individualized programs that are challenging, creative and most importantly fun!

She walks you through every step of the way and gives excellent inputs whether it is posture or breathing. She carries her passion for fitness on her shoulders and is extremely personable & professional; these are admirable traits in a trainer. I look forward to our sessions and enjoy working with her. Highest recommendations!"

-Chandra U


"Training with MarC was such a great learning experience.  I've worked out for several years and learned very quickly that I was doing many things wrong in my daily workouts.  MarC showed me how to stretch, warmup and go right to strengthening my body and burning calories.  I also learned that you can get an effective workout in 1 hour.  MarC is dependable, reliable and always shows up on time ready to train.  If you want to change your body and your life, I highly recommend that you HangTight with MarC."

-Reponzell M.


"The thing I love about working with MarC is her ability to motivate. I reached out to MarC to lose some weight and tone because I was not doing a good job by myself. I needed someone that would motivate me because I can find any reason to not work out. Since I have started our training sessions, I can feel myself not only getting stronger, but I am able to do things (pushups) that I could never do before. I think the way she analyzes my strengths week to week and builds my workouts around what I need to work on has benefited me greatly. The workouts that she puts together targets every muscle in my body. Every session she introduces new exercises (ones I have never heard of), that keeps the workouts interesting and challenging. I love how she incorporates not only cardio but strength training in every workout.

She goes above and beyond the typical trainer, by monitoring my workouts when we don't train together as well as my weekly food intake.

On top of that, every month she does challenges like no carbs and no sugar that keeps the weight off and pushes me to continue to eat healthy. "

-Nancy C.


"Working with MarC was a very enjoyable experience which have provided great results so far. She is very experienced and resourceful with many different exercises for total body workouts and specific muscle group work.. She is always on time for our meetings and always prepared with the workout routine for the day. She is able to work with any fitness level that you are at and you will come out knowing a lot more about fitness and health in general and feeling stronger and more healthy. "

-Maurice S.


"MarC is an amazing trainer!! It's been about six months working with her and I have seen tremendous results. Not only physically but nutritional advice on healthy living and eating the right foods has helped me. I've lost weight, toned, and I feel amazing!!! She is professional, dedicated, and is the Real Deal!!!! Her personally testimony amazes me and her passion to Fitness and Health & Wellness is impressive! I always look forward to our sessions and I am never disappointed!!!

Keep up the Great job MarC!! Best personal trainer ever!! "

-GD. D


I've had a great experience with MarC! I've always had a problem with breathing during my workouts and working with MarC has helped me become more conscious of my breathing which in turn, helped with all of my workouts. She isn't the instructor to just show you the ropes, but she works out with you the whole time and runs alongside you to keep you going. This is what I loved most about her training!

She also has beginner and advanced workouts for any group. She shows you the technique and works with you until you have perfected it. I wouldn't change anything about my experience with her.

-Rachel D.